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Save a trip to the Social Security Office

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The Social Security Administration provides free social security forms and assistance.

E-Records provides expert online services that make it easier to complete and submit The Social Security Card Application (the SS5 Form) to the Government. E-Records does not provide legal or other government services, but rather helps users to: Submit government forms using our simplified application generation services and prefilled SS5 application. You may research, prepare, and submit your own application and file directly with the SSA for no charge. However, we are not able to help you with questions or fix errors on your application if you do not use our services. E-Records is not affiliated or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other legal or government agency

Simple and Fast Filing For Social Security Card

We provide online application assistance for the Social Security Card application, we help you avoid being rejected for possible mistakes in the application filing process. Our simple and easy application saves you frustration and hassle by reducing your time spent and possible expensive errors while completing your application. We provide you with the exact documents needed to accompany your application and depending on the package you select we can either provide you with a fully completed accurate application or provide you the complete package where you can do it all without a printer.
We provide you with everything needed to correctly apply for the first time. Errors in the application can lead to stress and delay, let us ensure a simple and easy process.

Applying For Social Security Card?

If you value your time and like to avoid unnecessary stress then our services are for you.
We provide private online services utilizing our special software to customers who want to get a new card, replace or change the name on their Social Security Card. Your application will be ready for filing after you pay the service fee we charge.
Depending on the package you choose we provide you with a complete package ready for filing to the Social Security Administration. The package includes a completed application, the specific and exact required documents for your unique case that must be submitted with the completed application. In addition, we provide the exact address to submit your completed application and documents as well as a pre-paid stamp you can print and use to send your documents to the closest social security office based on where your home address is.
Once you submit your completed package following our instructions, you will receive your social security card by mail from the central social security card issuing center within 14 days. In addition, you will receive a separate envelope with your original submitted documents from the social security office processing center.

Need help or have questions after you apply?

This is one of the main benefits of working with us for the preparation and filing of all your important government documents. There is no comparison when it comes to the level of convenience and customer service we offer. We average a 30-second hold or less, which means a real, knowledgeable customer service agent will be on the line within minutes of you calling. This is just one more way that we offer our customers the highest level of support and service. However, our support doesn’t end after you receive your documents. One of the main components built into the one-time charge starting at $37 is ongoing, lifetime support for your Social Security Card application needs.

Is it safe for me to submit my personal information online?

Yes. E-Records® is 100% committed to the absolute safety and security of your personal information. We NEVER share your information with any third parties, and your personal information is processed over a fully encrypted safe and secure network. Your personal information is used only to secure your first Social Security Card.

Our Simple, Convenient Process

Answer a simplified questionnaire

Answer a simplified questionnaire that tailors our services to your exact needs.

Receive your package

Receive your package and mail it with your documents to the Social Security Office.

Receive your first Social Security Card

Receive your Social Security Card directly in your mailbox within 14 days.

Our Services

Services Do It Yourself E-Records
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Price Free Starting at $37
Apply from home x ok
Interactive questionnaire x ok
Customized instructions x ok
SS5 form backup x ok
Pen-free (electronic signature) x ok
Apply by phone x ok
USPS Priority mail x ok
USPS rep. pick-up x ok
Multi-devices optimized x ok
Immediate assistance x ok